August real estate press review

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August was an eventful month for the Canadian real estate market. Between fluctuating interest rates, architectural innovations and new regulations, the sector has seen many changes. Here’s a brief overview of August’s key topics and real estate press coverage.

Real Estate Trends

The Quebec real estate market continues to expand despite rising interest rates, with notable activity in Montreal (source : Le Devoir) . However, some analysts predict that the rise in sales in July could be the last resurgence for a while. (source : Montreal Gazette). In addition, the Québec City real estate market is already experiencing a good sales pace. (Source: TVA nouvelles).

Innovation and Technology

The world of architecture is undergoing a transformation with the emergence of skyscraper 2.0, an innovation that is redefining the construction of high-rise buildings. (Source : La Presse) .

Legislation and Regulation

Montreal tackles hundreds of illegal Airbnb, with measures to regulate these short-term rentals (La Presse), the city of Sherbrooke has also launched a consultation on housing regulations.(Radio canada).

Buyers and Sellers behaviour

Buyers face financial challenges, such as rising mortgage payments (Journal de Montréal),and some are even willing to put aside 60% of their salary to buy a house (Journal de Montréal). On the other hand, some homeowners are considering 90-year mortgages. (TVA Nouvelles).

Real Estate advices and strategy

Experts share tips for selling your home for more than it’s worth(Les affaires)and insightful analyses of real estate decisions are also available.

Real Estate and Economy

The real estate market is defying rate hikes, but signs of cooling are on the horizon. Declining demand brings balance to Canada’s recreational real estate markets (Canadian Mortgage Trends).



August was a dynamic month for the real estate market, with varied trends and unique challenges. For a more detailed analysis of these topics, explore our following articles, where we dive deeper into these themes.

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