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In the world of real estate, the purchase brokerage contract is an essential legal document that frames the relationship between the buyer and the real estate broker, giving the latter the right to act as an intermediary in the process of acquiring a property.

This contract is crucial not only for defining the expectations and obligations of each party, but also for ensuring protection and assistance throughout the real estate transaction. Recently, legislation has evolved to make a written contract mandatory for all real estate transactions.

Let’s find out more about each aspect and feature of this essential real estate contract.

  1. Definition of a purchase brokerage contract
    > What is a purchase brokerage contract?
    > Examples of using a brokerage purchase contract
    > Differences between exclusive and non-exclusive brokerage contracts
  2. Purchase brokerage contract regulations
    > Current legislation
    > Changes to law 5 real estate
    > Examples
  3. The advantages of a buyer brokerage contract
  4. How to draw up a buyer brokerage contract

Important information:
1. The purchase brokerage contract is a mandatory document for your real estate purchase project.
2. The type of contract (exclusive or non-exclusive) determines the nature of the relationship between buyer and broker, directly impacting the level of commitment and effort deployed by the broker.
3. A well-drafted buyer brokerage contract offers essential contractual protection, ensuring that the broker acts in the buyer’s best interest.
4. Details concerning search criteria, broker compensation and contract duration must be clearly defined in writing to avoid any ambiguity.
5. Law 5’s ban on dual representation strengthens transparency and fairness in real estate transactions, further protecting buyers.

Definition of purchase brokerage contract

What is a purchase brokerage contract?

A purchase brokerage contract is a written legal agreement that establishes the professional relationship between a buyer and a real estate broker, specifying the terms under which the broker assists the buyer in the search for and acquisition of a property.

This document details the specifics of what the buyer is looking for in a property, including:

  • Geographical area.
  • Lot size.
  • Type of property.
  • Number of bedrooms.
  • Exclusive features and buyer’s needs.

The buyer’s exclusive features and needs distinguish what is essential from what contributes to personal happiness.

The buyer’s brokerage contract generally includes:

  • The financial details of the planned purchase, such as the proposed purchase price and purchase conditions, which must correspond to the buyer’s borrowing capacity.
  • A preliminary, but not mandatory, financial appraisal to determine how much the buyer can afford to borrow for the purchase of the property.
  • The obligations of each party, including the broker’s remuneration, which must be clearly specified.
  • Obligations of confidentiality and fidelity, ensuring that the broker acts in the buyer’s best interests while protecting his or her personal information.

Signing a purchase brokerage contract guarantees that the broker’s obligations are clearly defined and that he/she must respect them.

Examples of using a buyer’s brokerage contract

To illustrate the importance and advantages of a buyer brokerage contract in real-life situations, here are a few concrete examples where the use of this type of contract proves beneficial to the buyer:

Buying a property listed by another brokerPurchase of a property not represented by a brokerClarifying obligations and protecting interests
When a buyer, having signed an exclusive purchase brokerage contract, finds a property that is listed by another broker, the buying broker’s fee is often shared with the selling broker.

This sharing is stipulated in the sales contract. If the fee offered by the seller covers that agreed in the purchase contract, the buyer will not have to pay any additional fees to his broker.

This situation illustrates how the buyer brokerage contract enables a transparent transaction with no cost surprises for the buyer.
In cases where the buyer is interested in a property sold directly by the owner (without a broker), the purchase brokerage contract ensures that the buyer is always represented and protected.

The contract stipulates that all necessary verifications will be carried out by the buyer broker to protect the buyer’s interests.

In addition, it allows the broker to solicit properties that are not yet on the market, giving the buyer broader access to the real estate market.
The buyer brokerage contract details the obligations of each party, including confidentiality of information and the broker’s loyalty to the buyer.

This creates a safe and secure framework for the buyer, ensuring that his or her personal information is protected and that the broker works in his or her best interests, including negotiating the terms of a promise to purchase and presenting it to the seller on his or her behalf.

These examples illustrate how the buyer brokerage contract serves as akey instrument for navigating the real estate market with confidence, ensuring that the buyer is well represented, that his interests are protected, and that he has access to the entire real estate market.

This underlines the importance of signing a buyer brokerage contract with a trusted real estate broker, who can offer valuable expertise and guidance throughout the buying process. To deepen your understanding of the buyer brokerage contract and discover other aspects of buying real estate, you can visit the protegez-vous website.

Exclusive and non-exclusive purchase brokerage contracts: the differences

In the Quebec real estate industry, brokerage contracts come in two main forms: exclusive and non-exclusive, each with specific implications for the relationship between real estate broker and client.

Exclusive brokerage contract

An exclusive brokerage contract establishes a unique relationship between the customer and a single broker for the sale, purchase or rental of a property.

Once this contract is signed, no other broker can intervene directly with the customer for the same transaction. This type of contract ensures that all parties are clearly identified, including the rights and obligations of each, and contains precise details of the object of the transaction, the price, the conditions, and the broker’s mode of remuneration.

Exclusivity guarantees a mutual commitment between broker and customer, whereby the broker undertakes to make every effort to complete the transaction according to the agreed terms.

Non-exclusive brokerage contract

In contrast, the non-exclusive brokerage contract offers greater flexibility, allowing the customer to work with several brokers simultaneously or to find a buyer on his or her own. Despite this freedom, the customer must inform his broker of any other collaboration and maintain the same conditions and prices for the property concerned. This type of contract may seem attractive to those wishing to keep several options open, but it also implies that the broker may be less motivated to devote his time and resources, knowing that he is sharing the possibility of closing the sale with others.

Choosing between exclusive and non-exclusive

The choice between an exclusive or non-exclusive contract depends on the needs, preferences and specific situation of the purchasing customer. An exclusive contract can foster a closer, more motivated working relationship with the broker, who has the assurance of being the only one who can close the deal and is therefore more inclined to invest in promoting and negotiating the property. On the other hand, a non-exclusive contract allows greater freedom of action for the client, but can dilute the broker’s effort and attention.

It’s essential to understand these distinctions and evaluate which option is most advantageous for your particular situation. Each type of contract has its advantages and disadvantages, and the decision should be taken after careful consideration and, ideally, with professional advice.

For more information on exclusive and non-exclusive brokerage contracts, we recommend that you consult the following resources: XpertSource.com and OACIQ, where you’ll find in-depth details on each type of contract.

Purchase brokerage contract regulations

The regulatory framework surrounding the purchase brokerage contract in Quebec has undergone significant changes, mainly with the adoption of Bill 5. This new legislation, aimed at strengthening buyer protection in the real estate market, prohibits the practice of double representation by a real estate broker and makes it mandatory to formalize the purchase brokerage contract in writing.

Current legislation

Current regulations, reinforced by Bill 5, amend the Real Estate Brokerage Act to better protect the interests of consumers in the Québec real estate market. The Act specifies the conditions under which real estate transactions must be conducted, including the requirement for a written brokerage contract between the buyer and the real estate broker. This measure aims to formalize the relationship and the obligations of each party, ensuring greater transparency and protection for buyers.

Current regulations

Current regulations, reinforced by Bill 5, amend the Real Estate Brokerage Act to better protect the interests of consumers in the Québec real estate market. The Act specifies the conditions under which real estate transactions must be carried out, including the requirement for a written brokerage contract between the buyer and the real estate broker. This measure aims to formalize the relationship and the obligations of each party, ensuring greater transparency and better protection for buyers.


Voici concrètement les changements en vigueur.

Before the adoption of Bill 5After the adoption of Bill 5
A broker could represent both buyer and seller, which could lead to conflicts of interest.
If a broker is already bound by a sales brokerage contract with a seller and a buyer wishes to be represented for the same property, the broker must now recommend that the buyer sign a purchase brokerage contract with another broker to avoid any conflict of interest.

This legislative development represents an important step towards greater fairness and transparency in the Quebec real estate market, with a focus on consumer protection and clarity in relations between buyers, sellers and real estate brokers.

To deepen your understanding of the changes brought about by Bill 5, consult Yanick Sarrazin for a detailed analysis of these amendments and their implications for real estate transactions in Quebec.

The advantages of a buyer brokerage contract

Signing a buyer brokerage contract has several key advantages for property buyers, greatly facilitating the real estate acquisition process.

  1. Contractual protection

    By signing a purchase brokerage contract, you ensure that all the broker’s obligations are clearly defined and that he or she is bound to respect them, providing solid protection for your interests during the transaction.
    En signant un contrat de courtage achat, vous vous assurez que toutes les obligations du courtier sont clairement définies et qu’il est tenu de les respecter, offrant ainsi une protection solide de vos intérêts durant la transaction.

  2. Extended access to properties

    A purchase brokerage contract gives your broker the opportunity to canvass on your behalf, including for properties that are not yet on the market. This gives you access to a wider range of opportunities and privileged information.

  3. Seriousness of his commitment

    In a competitive market, having a brokerage contract demonstrates your seriousness and commitment to the buying process. This can be particularly advantageous in the event of an outbid, offering your broker an additional argument in your favor.

  4. Informed decision-making

    Your contracted broker strives to provide you with the best possible buying experience, helping you understand the neighborhoods and the pros and cons of the properties you visit, so you can make the best decision.

  5. A professional dedicated to your interests

    Unlike the seller’s broker, your broker represents you exclusively, ensuring that you get the property you want at the best possible price, and manages the negotiation according to your needs and preferences.

  6. Eliminating blind spots

    Your broker helps you understand all the costs associated with the purchase, including additional fees such as inspection, notary, etc. He or she can also put you in touch with other professionals required for the process. He can also put you in touch with other professionals needed in the process.

  7. Access to the Tranquilli-T (RE/MAX) program

    If you have a purchase brokerage contract with a participating RE/MAX broker, you benefit from additional protection through the Tranquilli-T program, which covers various aspects of the transaction.

  8. End-to-end support

    By signing a buyer brokerage contract, you benefit from the full support of a real estate broker at every stage of your buying process, and in the fulfillment of your conditions.

  9. Réalisation de comparable

    A buyer’s brokerage contract gives you access to your broker’s comparables for an accurate estimate of the investment to be made and its feasibility.

  10. Feedbacks and advices

    Signing a buyer brokerage contract guarantees you a commitment and tailor-made advice from your broker to make your real estate project a success.

These advantages illustrate the importance of signing a buyer brokerage contract, not only for the protection and extended access to properties it offers, but also for the level of professional, personalized service it guarantees.

For more information on the benefits of a buyer brokerage contract, see the following articles: Protégez-Vous and RE/MAX Québec.

Discover the need for and advantages of signing a buyer’s brokerage contract on video:

Comment rédiger un contrat de courtage acheteur

Pour rédiger un contrat de courtage acheteur efficacement, plusieurs éléments clés doivent être pris en compte afin d’assurer une protection optimale pour l’acheteur et de définir clairement la relation avec le courtier immobilier.

Voici un guide des informations à y faire apparaître :

Identify the characteristics of the property you are looking for

Specify in detail the criteria for the property you’re looking for, such as geographic area, lot size, type of building, number of bedrooms, etc. This helps your broker narrow down your needs and desires. This will help you identify your needs and desires, making it easier for your broker to find what you’re looking for.

Price and purchasing conditions

Establish your budget and purchase conditions from the outset. It’s a good idea to carry out a financial exercise beforehand to assess your borrowing capacity. This will enable you to target properties in your price range and specify conditions such as financing and deadlines.

Obligations of the parties and compensation to the broker

Clearly define the obligations of both buyer and broker, including the broker’s fee. The payment structure should be spelled out, whether you’re buying a property listed by another broker or directly from an unrepresented seller. This includes how and when the broker will be paid.

Confidentiality of information

Make sure the contract stipulates the broker’s obligation to keep all your personal and financial information confidential. This protects your privacy and ensures that your real estate search information is not used for unauthorized purposes.

Choice of exclusive or non-exclusive contract

Decide whether you opt for an exclusive contract, where the broker you hire will be the only one who can represent you in the purchase of a property, or a non-exclusive contract, which allows you to work with several brokers or find a property on your own.

Contract duration

The typical duration of a brokerage contract is six months, but this can vary according to your needs and negotiations with your broker. You can opt for a shorter term if you wish, depending on your situation and preferences.

Contract duration and termination conditions

The duration of the contract must be clearly defined, with the possibility of renewal or termination under certain conditions. It is also important to understand the circumstances under which the contract can be terminated early by either party.

Clarity on services provided

Make sure the contract specifies in detail the services the broker undertakes to provide. These may include access to exclusive listings, accompaniment on property visits, assistance in negotiating purchase conditions, and advice on the financial and legal aspects of the purchase.

It’s crucial to discuss these aspects in detail with your real estate broker before signing the contract to ensure that all your expectations are clearly defined and that you understand your rights and obligations in this professional relationship.

For more information on drawing up a buyer’s brokerage contract and to consult sample forms, visit theOACIQ website, which offers a variety of resources and tips for navigating the Quebec real estate market.


Drafting a buyer brokerage contract is a crucial step in the property acquisition process, providing structure and protection for both parties involved. Understanding the nuances between an exclusive and non-exclusive contract, as well as the obligations and rights of each party, allows you to navigate the real estate market more serenely. The recent changes brought about by Bill 5 in Quebec also underline the importance of fair and transparent representation in real estate transactions, with an emphasis on consumer protection.

The buyer’s brokerage contract is more than just a legal document; it’s the foundation of a relationship of trust and collaboration between you and your real estate broker, aimed at achieving your goal of acquiring the ideal property. By taking the time to carefully draft and understand this contract, you can ensure that your real estate purchase experience is smooth, secure and in line with your aspirations.

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