A very popular neighborhood in Montreal

Living in Villeray

Villeray is a pretty neighborhood that has been gaining popularity for years. It is a residential neighborhood filled with families and children. Villeray is renowned for the famous Jean-Talon Market and Jarry Park. The neighborhood is dynamic and new businesses are constantly emerging.

A little history

Did you know? Villeray was founded in 1896 and was a village bringing together workers from the various limestone quarries located nearby. Rue Saint-Hubert, which was at the time one of the largest commercial arteries in Montreal, the small town of Villeray lacked nothing. It was after the Second World War that the number of residents skyrocketed with the construction of many apartments.

Living in Villeray

A neighborhood where life is good!

Did you know? Time Out magazine included it in its list of districts coolest in the world.

Filled with green spaces, trendy shops, good restaurants , daycares and schools, Villeray is a family and jovial neighborhood.

Projects and key figures that speak

Public transport Orange metro line Highway 40

143,853 residents (2016) Average age 38 years

Type of properties: Buildings of less than 5 floors (91%)
Buildings of 5 floors or more (4%)
Individual houses (3%)

Jarry Park
Turin Park
Villeray Park
Prévost Park

562 residential sales in 2022

Jean-Talon Market
Japanese cultural center
Rue Castelnau pedestrianized in summer
Cafes, restaurants, bars, local shops

A location in the center-north of the island

The Villeray location is coveted by Montrealers. Located in the north-central part of the island, transportation is very easy. It is easy to access all neighborhoods and the city center thanks to major road arteries, the public transport network and cycle paths.

According to the editor-in-chief of Time Out Montreal, the Villeray district is “the place to be” thanks to its urban developments in the streets and parks, the small impromptu cultural events at the magnificent Jarry Park, the small third wave cafes and the delicious restaurants where you can sit down for a good meal or take-out.

Activities and events throughout the year!

In Villeray, it is good to walk in winter as in summer. The commercial streets are filled with cafes, boutiques and restaurants. There are many parks in the neighborhood. It’s good to practice sports and enjoy the good weather whatever the season.

Living in Villeray

Frequently asked questions

Villeray is appreciated for its cultural diversity, its green spaces like Parc Jarry, and its dynamic culinary scene, offering a friendly and lively atmosphere.

The average price of a condo in Villeray can be around $400,000 CAD, but this can vary depending on many factors.

Villeray is known for its warm, community atmosphere, with a mix of residents and an abundance of small businesses, local markets and family restaurants.

Villeray Market

Little Aleppo

Monday in the sun

Miss Villeray

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