Living in Plateau Mont-Royal

The Plateau Mont-Royal is a pretty neighborhood renowned for its architecture, its vibrant energy and its famous parks: Mont-Royal and Lafontaine.</ p>

It is one of the most coveted neighborhoods by tourists and the Montreal population. Discover the reasons why it is good to live in Plateau Mont-Royal!

A little history

Did you know?

Plateau-Mont-Royal was born in 1745. At the time, we found the Montreal bourgeoisie and English-speaking families there. It was inhabited, from 1900, by a predominantly working population and was recognized for being cosmopolitan.

It was in 1905 that businesses appeared on the famous Saint-Laurent Boulevard and it became a linguistic border. We find the English speakers to the west and the French speakers to the east.

Living in Plateau Mont-Royal

A neighborhood where life is good!

The Plateau Mont-Royal offers a good quality of life and is filled with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. A unique energy!

So what are you waiting for to move to this neighborhood?

Surrounded by greenery including Jeanne-Mance Park, Laurier Park, and La Fontaine Park, it is the ideal area to enjoy BB in the summer, or go cross-country skiing in the winter. There are always activities in all seasons.

Projects and key figures that speak

Metro orange line Cycle path

104,000 residents (2016) Average age 37 years

Type of properties: mainly buildings of less than 5 floors (82%)

70 parks and green spaces including 2 large parks, Mont-Royal Park, La Fontaine Park

1,427 residential sales in 2022

Neighborhood life: restaurants, cafes, local shops

A location in the heart of Montreal

Adjacent to the Outremont, Rosemont, Mercier-Hochelaga and Ville-Marie districts, Plateau Mont-Royal is in the center of the island. In addition, it is located at the foot of the famous Mount Royal, a unique asset of the neighborhood.

Get around on foot in the attractive streets of the Plateau!

Mont-Royal Avenue
Saint-Laurent Boulevard
Saint-Denis Street
St-Hubert, Rachel Street and Duluth Avenue


All this accessible by metro, or by bike, or on foot!

Activities and events throughout the year!

The Plateau-Mont-Royal district is filled with boutiques, cafes, restaurants and activities. There we find Mont-Royal Avenue, which is pedestrianized in summer, and Saint-Laurent Boulevard, where we find the Mural festival.


Mural Festival

Vintage flea markets

The bars


Sidewalk sale

Living in Plateau Mont-Royal

Frequently asked questions

The median price of single-family homes is $1,290,300 for the year 2022

In general, the median price could be around $500,000 CAD,

Cultural Diversity: The neighborhood is known for its rich cultural diversity, welcoming a mix of residents and offering a variety of cultural and artistic events. <br>

Proximity to Amenities: With an abundance of shops, restaurants, cafes and markets, everything is within easy reach in the Plateau. <br>

Green Spaces: The Plateau is close to several large parks, such as Parc La Fontaine, offering spaces to relax and enjoy nature. <br>

Charming Architecture: The neighborhood is famous for its tree-lined streets and row houses with wrought iron staircases, adding a unique charm. <br>

Accessibility and Transport: The Plateau Mont-Royal is well served by public transport, and its cycle and pedestrian streets make navigation in the neighborhood easy and pleasant. <br>

Here are our top 3 favorite bars in Plateau Mont-Royal:

Le Baracca: Excellent rum bar

The boudoir: A unique and pleasant atmosphere

The Blessed Sacrament