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Rosemont, one of Montreal’s most emblematic neighborhoods, has long attracted attention for its many attractions. Nestled in the heart of the metropolis, it represents a perfect marriage of urban dynamism and residential tranquility, offering an ideal living environment for a diverse range of residents.

This district, with its rich history reflected in its varied architecture and lively streets, is a veritable cultural and social crossroads. Whether you’re drawn to the hustle and bustle of city life or the tranquility of green spaces, Rosemont offers a one-of-a-kind experience, where friendly living spaces go hand in hand with an abundance of local shops and leisure activities.

It’s a place where tradition and modernity meet, making Rosemont a prime choice for those looking to anchor themselves in authentic, vibrant Montreal. Families with children, young professionals, the elderly… the neighborhood boasts a rich diversity of residents, making it a dynamic and pleasant place to live, thanks in particular to a good balance between residences, shops and green spaces.

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  1. Discover the Rosemont – La Petite Patrie district

    Rosemont geography
    History of the Rosemont district

  2. Living in Rosemont

    Advantages of living in Rosemont
    Quality of life and activities in Rosemont
    Green spaces and leisure

  3. Real estate in Rosemont

    The real estate market in Rosemont
    Rosemont Real Estate : Prices and properties
    Why invest in Rosemont

  4. The best addresses in Rosemont

Discover the Rosemont – La Petite Patrie district

Rosemont is a neighborhood rich in history and unique sites, making it one of Montreal’s most popular. Its dynamism and development ensure an exceptional, safe quality of life for all types of households, attracting investors, buyers and immigrants who want to settle in Montreal or make a profitable investment.

Rosemont geography

The geography of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie illustrates the diversity and urban complexity of this borough in the heart of Montreal. This territory, defined by the union of Rosemont, La Petite-Patrie and the western section of Nouveau-Rosemont, is bordered by Pie-IX and Lacordaire boulevards. This geographic configuration creates an urban space that skilfully blends dense residential areas, active commercial hubs and inviting green spaces.

The borough spans an area that was once predominantly agricultural, bearing witness to a rich historical heritage transmuted into a mosaic of urban life. The geographic characteristics of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, such as its proximity to the numerous quarries from which Montreal grey stone was extracted, have shaped the neighborhood’s development and identity.

Here are some of the district’s highlights:

  • Old Rosemont, with its large green parks and Promenade Masson, offers an ideal living environment for residents seeking a balance between residential tranquility and access to urban amenities.
  • The Technopôle Angus is a remarkable example of urban regeneration, transforming a former industrial wasteland into a dynamic district where industrial, commercial, residential and green spaces come together. This geographic reinvention illustrates Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie’s ability to innovate while preserving its unique character.
  • Beaubien and Bélanger streets, as well as summer public markets and seasonal pedestrian streets, reinforce the borough’s commercial and social vitality, contributing to its attractiveness.
  • The Cité-Jardin, inspired by the principles of British garden cities, embodies a vision of urban development that favors greenery and quality of life for residents, offering a peaceful alternative to Montreal’s dense urban fabric.

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie stands out for its varied geography, which embraces and enriches the diversity of Montreal, making it a desirable place to live for its quality of life, dynamism and urban heritage. A veritable open-air museum that’s hard not to appreciate as you stroll its streets.

Discover Rosemont on the map :

History of the Rosemont district

The history of Rosemont, one of Montreal’s most emblematic neighborhoods, is marked by a significant evolution from its agricultural origins to a dynamic urban living space. Originally part of Côte-de-la-Visitation, the territory was characterized by a vast agricultural area crossed by Chemin Papineau. Rosemont’s transformation into a residential neighborhood began with the intervention of Mr. Dandurand, a visionary and real estate investor, who acquired and subdivided the land for urban development as early as 1905, naming the new town after his mother, Rose.

Rosemont, early 20th century:

Rosemont XXeme century image

Since the 1990s, Old Rosemont has undergone a notable revitalization, with the establishment of numerous businesses, transforming the main commercial artery into a popular spot for bars and restaurants. This commercial and social renewal has profoundly changed the face of the neighborhood, making it attractive to a new generation of Montrealers.

At the heart of Rosemont’s industrialization were the Angus factories, a major industrial hub developed by Canadian Pacific, underscoring the neighborhood’s national economic importance. However, Rosemont’s integration into the City of Montreal in 1910, due to the young city’s inability to financially support the promised infrastructure, marked a crucial step in its history.

Technopole Angus :

Technopole angus image

Today, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie stands out as one of Montreal’s largest and most populous boroughs, renowned for its family atmosphere and affordable housing costs. The transformation of the Angus factories has given rise to a “new neighborhood within a neighborhood”, illustrating Rosemont’s ability to reinvent itself and adapt to the needs of its residents.

Rosemont’s evolution reflects a history of challenges and transformations, resulting in a neighborhood rich in culture, community and green spaces, making it a sought-after place to live in the heart of Montreal.

Living in Rosemont

Rosemont, an urban setting in the heart of Montreal, harmoniously combines tradition and modernity.

This neighborhood, known for its commitment to sustainable development, offers an ideal living environment thanks to its many green spaces and lively neighborhood atmosphere.

Advantages of living in Rosemont

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, a vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Montreal, offers a multitude of advantages for those looking for a dynamic, community-oriented place to live.

With 144,000 residents, Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie is the 3rd most populous borough in the City of Montreal. It covers 15.9 km² and features 10 community gardens, 18 outdoor skating rinks, 6 outdoor pools, 2 arenas, 3 libraries and a Maison de la culture.

In terms of education, there are 24 elementary school and 4 secondary schools in the public sector, as well as the renowned Collège Jean-Eudes (private) and Cégep de Rosemont.

Here are some of the highlights of living in this neighborhood:

  • Local services: Rosemont boasts a wealth of services accessible on foot or by bike. Whether it’s for groceries, everyday needs or a shopping getaway, places like Plaza Saint-Hubert and Promenade Masson are brimming with a variety of shops. This ease of access contributes greatly to residents’ quality of life.
  • Friendly neighborhood: Rosemont’s strength lies in its community spirit. Residents forge strong bonds with each other and with shopkeepers, creating a unique and welcoming neighborhood atmosphere. It’s a place where conviviality and solidarity are not just empty words.
  • Transportation: Excellent public transit makes it easy to get around Montreal. Metro stations (Beaubien, Rosemont), bus routes and bicycle facilities (BIXI and bike lanes) ensure smooth, pleasant mobility on a daily basis.
  • Green spaces: The neighborhood has no shortage of green spaces, offering residents places to relax, play sports or simply enjoy nature. These spaces contribute to a healthy, balanced living environment.
  • Economic vitality: Rosemont’s job market is thriving, with over 56,000 jobs in various sectors, including healthcare, education and commerce. This offers residents varied and promising professional opportunities.
  • Access to healthcare: The area is well served by multiple CLSCs, CSSSs and the Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital. This abundance guarantees fast, efficient access to healthcare for all residents.
  • Friendly and safe: Renowned for its friendly atmosphere, Rosemont attracts buyers looking for a safe environment for their children. The proximity of services, the diversity of leisure activities available and the community’s commitment to the well-being of all reinforce the neighborhood’s appeal.

In conclusion, choosing Rosemont as a place to live means opting for a neighborhood that combines urban dynamism and quality of life. Local services, a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, numerous transportation options, green spaces and a booming job market make Rosemont an ideal place to thrive in the city.

Quality of life and activities in Rosemont

The quality of life and unique ambiance of the Rosemont district, enhanced by its proximity to La Petite-Patrie, make this area an exceptional place to live.

Here’s a look at the must-see places that define the experience of living in this Montreal borough:

marché jean talon image

Jean-Talon Market and Little Italy: At the heart of local life, Jean-Talon Market, founded in 1929, stands out as the largest open-air market in North America. With an abundance of fresh, seasonal produce, this market is a must for food lovers. Not far away, Little Italy, with its rich cultural heritage, offers charming strolls among cafés, restaurants and boutiques that bear witness to the history of Italian immigrants.

Plaza St-Hubert: Recently renovated, Plaza St-Hubert is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, lively entertainment and diverse range of shops. This iconic shopping destination attracts visitors for its unique shopping experience.

plaza st hubert image
plaza st hubert image

Community and cultural life: Between the Jean-Talon market, the beating heart of seasonal freshness, and picturesque Petite-Italie, residents and visitors alike enjoy a rich community and cultural life. Plaza St-Hubert, with its recent renovation, adds to the vibrancy of the local scene, offering an unrivalled shopping destination.

All in all, Rosemont is a neighborhood of choice for those seeking a quality living environment, marked by a rich cultural history, varied mobility options and a lively, welcoming neighborhood atmosphere.

Green spaces and leisure

Rosemont stands out for its exceptional commitment to green spaces and recreation, making this borough an example of urban quality of life.

Here’s a glimpse of the green and recreational assets Rosemont has to offer:

Parks and green alleys

With its many parks and more than a hundred green alleyways, Rosemont is the Montreal borough most committed to green living. These spaces contribute to a healthier urban environment and invite people to relax and play outdoors.

Rosemont nature

Parc Maisonneuve

This jewel covers more than 63 hectares. Close to the Botanical Gardens, it offers a vast and varied leisure area, with the only golf course near the city center. This park is a great place for family activities, sports or simply enjoying nature.

Parc maisonneuve image

Green Innovations

The borough innovates with fish farming, hydroponics, green roofs and many other initiatives that push the boundaries of urbanity. The Éco-quartier program encourages community mobilization around green, sustainable projects.

Innovations vertes image

Quartier Angus

The perfect example of urban transformation, the Angus district, the result of the conversion of a former industrial plant, has become a vibrant eco-district. It brings together businesses, shops and residences in an economical and ecological setting.

quartier angus rosemont image

Family Activities

Rosemont is particularly popular with families for its friendliness and safety. The many water games, pools and paddling pools, as well as daycare centers and elementary school, make this borough an ideal place to raise children.

Connecting with nature

Parc Maisonneuve, near the Insectarium and Botanical Garden, is an ideal spot for all kinds of outdoor activities. Rosemont guarantees you’ll always have a green space nearby for a nature break.

rosemont nature image

Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie is a perfect example of how a borough can combine urbanity and nature, offering its residents an enriching and balanced living environment. Green initiatives, abundant recreational space and strong community involvement make Rosemont a model of sustainable urban living.

Real estate in Rosemont

The borough of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie is a lively, accessible area in the heart of Montreal. With the majority of its residents renting for an average rent of around $800 per month in 2021, the neighborhood’s real estate market reflects a dynamic ecosystem favoring a wide range of residences. Despite the dominance of apartments, which make up 96% of the housing stock, the opportunity to buy another property at an average price comparable to that of Greater Montreal appeals to investors and future homeowners alike.

The real estate market in Rosemont

From a real estate market standpoint, the Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie borough in Montreal continues to attract attention for its dynamism and diversity.

With strong real estate activity :

  • Sales totalling 215 units in Q4 2023, albeit slightly down by 1% on the same period last year.
  • Sales volume of $140,165 thousand.
  • The market is showing signs of stability despite a slight 2% decrease in transaction volume.
  • New listings were down by 8% to 336 units, while active listings were up by 9%, indicating a slightly larger supply available to buyers.

These data are in line with the overall real estate market, both in Canada and in Montreal. Our analysis points to market growth between now and the end of 2024, which should see prices and the number of transactions rise.

To find out more about our buying strategies and market analyses, read our articles on the subject:

Rosemont Real Estate : Prices and properties

Centris‘ detailed statistics by property category reveal some interesting trends in Rosemont for the 4th quarter of 2023:

  • Sales of single-family homes were relatively limited, with a median price of $880,000, marking a 3% increase.
  • The condominium market was more active, with 145 sales, up 9%, and a median price of $509,000, representing an increase of 8%.
  • Plexes (2 to 5 units) saw their sales fall by 10%, with a median price slightly down at $812,500.

These figures highlight a preference for condominiums in the sector, as well as continued interest in plexes despite a decline in transactions.

Discover our page dedicated to the Rosemont district on our website:

Why invest in Rosemont?

Investing in Rosemont offers several key advantages.

Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • A dynamic, family-friendly location with a high quality of life, green spaces, quality schools and a variety of services and shops.
  • The Technopole Angus, a LEED Platinum-certified eco-neighborhood, symbolizes the transformation and innovation of the area, making Rosemont attractive to investors looking for sustainable projects with high growth potential.
  • The various property types available, from single-family homes to condominiums and multiplexes, offer options to suit all tastes and budgets.
  • Attractive prices: with median prices of $880,000 for a single-family home and $489,900 for a condominium, Rosemont represents a solid investment opportunity in a constantly evolving real estate market.

The borough is also known for its safe living environment and peaceful residential areas, making it particularly attractive to families.

Finally, the proximity of Little Italy, the abundance of attractive plexes and the diversity of the real estate offering all contribute to making Rosemont a preferred choice for buyers and investors. The expertise of a competent Montreal real estate broker can be indispensable for navigating this market and making a successful investment in Rosemont.

Interested in buying a property in Rosemont?

We’ve put together a unique guide to help you save tens of thousands of euros on your property.

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The best addresses in Rosemont

A district as exciting and attractive as Rosemont inevitably comes with its own list of good addresses.

Our team offers you its best addresses in the neighbourhood!

Montréal PlazaRestaurant
Vices et versaCafé
Le Bar MamieBar
Le P’tit TriRestaurant


When you choose Rosemont as your home, you’re opting for a vibrant neighborhood that harmoniously combines urban dynamism and quality of life. With local services, a friendly atmosphere, plenty of transportation options, lush green spaces and a thriving job market, Rosemont is the ideal place to thrive in the city.

It’s a neighborhood that promises not only an enriching and convivial community life, but also a wise real estate investment thanks to its diversified and accessible market. Rosemont, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, is undoubtedly a preferred choice for those who want to live the authentic Montreal experience, while enjoying the benefits of quality urban living.

If you would like to make your project a reality, contact our team of brokers.


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