The Town of Mont-Royal

The town of Mont-Royal is a large hill located in the center of Montréal. At 234 meters, the town of Mont Royal is the highest point in Montreal. Montrealers lovingly refer to it as The Mountain.

The city of Montreal is named after this 761-foot hill, which also includes Mont-Royal Park (Parc du Mont-Royal), one of Montreal’s largest green spaces.

The views of downtown Montreal and the surrounding area are breathtaking from the top of Mont-Royal. It is a section of the Monteregian Hills, which are found between the Laurentian and Appalachian ranges. It gave the Monteregian chain its Latin name, Mons Regius.

Atop the town of Mount-Royal, one may see some of Montreal’s most breathtaking views. Two stunning views of the city of Montreal are accessible from the town of Mount-Royal. The Camilien-Houde lookout is the name of the vantage point that looks over Eastern Montreal.

The Olympic Stadium, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, the St. Lawrence River, as well as the Plateau-Mont-Royal and Mile-End neighborhoods, can all be seen from this viewpoint. Most of the beautiful photos of Montreal are shot here. The area has so much to offer! From gorgeous parks and green spaces to beautiful festivals and musical jams for the whole family to enjoy!

Below, we’re going to list some of the noteworthy places and attractions in Mount Royal

Mont-Royal Park

Mont-Royal Park, which opened in 1876, was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.  It is a fantastic urban green environment with 200 acres of incredible biodiversity and natural beauty.

This beautiful park is one of Montreal’s largest parks and also a fun family favorite! The park offers activities, events, and contains many gorgeous areas to have picnics in!

Tam-Tam Jams

Locals from Montreal gather at Mont-Royal Park every Sunday in the summer for the Tam-Tam Jams (Tam-Tams). Tam-tam jams often involve a huge group of individuals gathered together, playing hand drums and soaking up the summertime rays.

But, there is more to the occasion than just dance and drumming. On Sundays, Mont-Royal Park is filled with musicians, dancers, and artists working in a variety of mediums!

Mont-Royal Cross

The Mount-Royal Cross, located atop Mount Royal, is one of Montreal’s most iconic symbols. This cross has stood triumphantly above the mountain’s southern section since Montreal’s beginnings. It was initially built there by Montreal’s founder, Maisonneuve, to thank God for saving the town from a flood.

The current cross atop Mount Royal was built in 1924 and has nearly 240 lightbulbs that illuminate Montreal’s Mountainside.

Final Words,

The town of Mont-Royal holds an incredibly important piece of Montreal’s history. The mountain is a lovely area that about 20,000 Montrealers are happy to call home!

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